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Are other zeolites as safe and as effective as MANC® particles?

No. Other zeolite products are not as safe or as effective as MANC® particles are for the following reasons:

  • MANC® particles are the cleanest form of zeolite, meaning it will not poison your body with anything it has already absorbed. MANC® particles are deeply cleansed of any toxins they may have absorbed before being mined from the ground.
  • MANC® particles are derived from clinoptilolite zeolite, the most effective form of zeolite for its ability to strongly bind with various toxic substances
  • MANC® particles stay in the gut and are not absorbed through the intestinal barrier into the body, meaning the body doesn’t have to metabolise MANC® particles through the liver and kidneys. Instead, MANC® particles are flushed from the body via natural bowel movements, taking the toxic substances they have bound to along with them
  • MANC® particles are vacuum sealed in their packaging so they don’t absorb any toxins in the air before you consume them
  • MANC® particles are classified as medical devices, meaning they don’t interfere with the body’s processes and the scientific evidence that supports its use has been evaluated by an independent body (TUV Rheinland)
  • MANC® particles have been thoroughly tested and come in preparations which ensure they aren’t broken down in stomach acid and can’t release aluminium into the body, unlike other zeolite product (see It is known that clinoptilolite zeolite breaks down in acid and releases aluminium. Does this mean MANC® particles could poison me with aluminium?)
  • MANC® particles only take out toxic substances and leave essential minerals and micronutrients untouched in the body
  • Froximun AG, the manufacturers of MANC® particles, are obliged to have a dedicated responsible person as part of their quality control system who, in the unlikely case that someone has an adverse reaction to MANC® particles, can be contacted to record the adverse event and seek further advice from their expert medical service.
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