What comes with my Floré order?

Floré includes a microbiome collection kit which will be used to collect your stool sample, your online digital gut health analysis report and three months’ worth of your personalised microbiome supplement. All the shipping and delivery is included in the price.

If you subscribe to Floré there is an automatic renewal option, wherein after your first 90 day supply of your personalised microbiome supplements has ended we will send you out a new microbiome collection kit so you can provide us with a new stool sample. Once retested, we will update your online portal with your new report and provide you with a new set of your personalised microbiome supplement allowing you to track your gut health journey and adapt your supplement to your gut needs.

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We have changed our name from Nouveau Health to Nouveau Healthcare and we've moved from nouveauhealth.co.uk to nhinnovations.com.

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