Over the past several years, Sun Genomics has developed a patented methodology that has redefined the standard for microbiome sequencing and probing to provide you with a truly unique, personalised formulation based on your stool sample. After careful experimentation, microbiologist and founder of Sun Genomics, Sunny, discovered that 85 percent of the live bacteria supplements on the shelf didn’t even survive our stomach acids. Furthermore, he found that any given person only shares 10 percent microbiome similarity with anyone else, so there was no way one single product could be suitable for every unique consumer.

Sun Genomics is constantly looking to improve and update their innovative technology to better meet and exceed customers’ expectations using in-house techniques and technologies that have been validated by some of the most well-regarded scientific minds of this generation.

Sun Genomics uses its own laboratory which adheres to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), certified by the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the USA. Sun Genomics utilises whole-genome sequencing (WGS) to enhance the detection of microbes with high accuracy. Unlike 16s, Sun Genomics technology reads, tests and interprets the entire DNA sequence, ensuring a more comprehensive product.

Your personalised microbiome supplement is formulated and manufactured under good manufacturing practices (GMP) in Sun Genomics facility using a custom micro-manufacturing technique developed by Sun Genomics for quality assurance. Sun Genomics uses only the highest quality bacterial strains which are tested in-house prior to use in your custom formulation.

Truly custom formulations based on the most comprehensive gut test available. Instead of recommending multiple supplements, Sun Genomics craft a unique formula based on the trillions of microbes in your unique gut microbiome. Flore personalised microbiome supplements are designed so you only have to take one-pill-a-day and we cold ship it directly to your door.

Founded on Science

Sun Genomics aims to change the way we choose a supplement by making the best personalised microbiome supplements. Having spent years in research and development perfecting their patented techniques, Sun Genomics has developed the largest gut microflora interpretation platform in the world and believe that before the market can advance, the science must first be advanced.

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