L. reuteri DSM 17648

Established in 1921, Novozymes delivers high-quality solutions that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. L. reuteri DSM 17648 (also known as Pylopass®) is manufactured by Novozymes under global standards and procedures which are continuously reviewed and updated. Uniform systems and global specifications ensure that Novozymes consistently lives up to customers’ requirements, authorities and standards, and are regularly checked by internal and external audits. This ensures the highest quality and safety in L. reuteri DSM 17648, backed by Novozymes’ extensive expertise in enzymes and microorganisms.

The quality and safety of L. reuteri DSM 17648 is further ensured as it is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

L. reuteri DSM 17648 is a patented novel food and has been designed to specifically target the stomach. The strain has been put through several clinical studies to prove its safety and effectiveness. Unlike many other live cultures, the strain is researched and proven to survive through stomach acidity and reach the gut.

L. reuteri DSM 17648 contains inactivated cells, and due to the unique spray drying process, L. reuteri DSM 17648 does not require refrigeration and can survive harsher conditions.

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