Floré Adult (12+)
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Floré Adult (12+)


What is Floré?

A personalised gut supplement specifically designed for your gut health and an online gut health report. Using the most advanced gut test on the market, our scientists create your unique formula. Your supplement is made up of the ‘good’ stuff and is specifically tailored to your gut and health needs. Your Floré supplement is made up of live Prebio & Probio bacteria mixed with digestive enzymes and botanical ingredients specifically selected for your gut based on your analysis.

How long does my personalised formula last?

You receive 90 capsules, a 90-day supply of your custom Floré formula. You only need to take one capsule a day.

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Please note by purchasing Floré: you agree to and will need to register your Floré ID and your information on the Sun Genomics portal to access your microbiome report and to help us deliver your personalised microbiome supplement. For further information please click here.

How do you create my formula?

Our scientists tailor your Floré supplement based on your gut report. We go through your report to identify and select the right live prebio & probio bacteria and digestive and then create your gut supplement.  To do this we send you an easy-to-use sample collection kit. You then simply drop your sample to your local post office/post box using our pre-paid return mailer.

Your sample is then analysed in our in-house CLIA certified laboratory by our microbiologists. Your formulation is then personalised to your gut. Everything is created in house, from analysis to your personalised Floré gut supplement. Our facilities are GMP certified, meaning we adhere to the highest regulatory standards when making your supplement and sequencing your stool sample.

What is in my Floré gut supplement?

Your formula is made of good, unique and well-researched live Prebio & Probio bacteria blended with digestive enzymes and botanical ingredients. Each strain and ingredient is specifically selected and formulated for your gut by our microbiologists, right down to the CFU content.

All of our live Prebio & Probio bacteria strains are clinically proven to survive the gastric environment and reach your gut. We test every strain in-house in our CLIA certified laboratory before we add it into our growing repository of 120+ strains.

Do I get an online gut health report?

Yes! You receive an online report which allows you to see what is in your gut. Your report will show you all the good and bad bacteria, including any fungi, yeast, archaea and parasites that may make up your gut.

How long does it take to get my custom formula and what do I receive?

You receive a 90-day supply of your personalised gut supplement. Also included is a 7 day ‘prime’ buffer in a personalised bamboo container, which is a lower dose version that prepares your gut for your 90-day supply.

Day 1: We ship your microbiome collection kit as soon as you order.

Day 2-10: You collect and return your stool sample to our lab. We only require that you are not on antibiotics, or have consumed alcohol before providing the sample. Otherwise, the sooner you send us your sample the sooner we get on preparing your custom formula!

Day 11-27: Your sample goes through extraction and DNA sequencing. Our scientists analyse your gut microflora and formulate, lab-craft and select the strains for your personalised gut supplement. Each formula is carefully crafted from our inventory of over 120+ clinically validated Prebio & Probio strains to support your specific gut health needs. Your personalised formula is made in house.

Day 28-30: Your personalised gut supplement reaches your door with a cold pack and ready for you to start your gut health journey! We also send it in eco-friendly and re-usable packaging.

What technology do you use to test my sample?

Our scientists use whole-genome shotgun sequencing (WGS) technology. We extract your stool samples DNA and put it through our proprietary GutBuster (analysis) software. GutBuster can detect over 103,000 genomes which includes 40,000 different organisms and 23,000 species in your gut, including bacteria, fungus, yeast and parasites. We tell you the exact DNA strain of your gut bacteria right down to the percentage of each microbe that makes up your unique gut. We also identify your missing good bacteria and enzymes that you may need to optimise your gut health.


What’s included in your purchase

Stool Collection Kit

Easy to use sample collection kit. Simply follow the instructions and use our free pre-paid mailer to send your sample back by dropping it off at your local post office. Your sample will be analysed in our in-house laboratory using our next generation Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) technology and GutBuster platform.

Online Gut Report

Find out what makes up your gut, we will notify you when your report is ready. Your report will identify and breakdown all your gut bacteria including any yeast, fungi, archaea and parasites. We also identify your missing good bacteria and any digestive enzymes that you need. Your results will be displayed on our easy to understand and use online portal. Your report will include a gut health score based of 10,000+ healthy guts from the Human Microbiome Project, and includes nutrition recommendations and suggestions based on your analysis. When you re-test and re-formulate you can see how your gut score and gut bacteria changes over time. It also means you can easily track your gut health over time.

Sustainable Bamboo Container and 90 day Formula

Your 7 day ‘prime’ buffer will come in an environmentally friendly container shipped directly to your door. Refills will come in small recyclable pouches so you can refill your bamboo container and reduce waste.

. You are unique. Your supplement should be too.


Your formulation is personalised and created specifically for your gut needs. Your custom formula is crafted from our growing inventory of over 120+ strains.

When you send your sample back we will ask you to fill in a health & diet survey. In the survey you can select your formula as a vegetarian friendly capsule or if you have any allergies you can select it to come as a lyophilised powder.

Your personalised formula is 100% natural, vegan (optional), gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free non-GMO, and are formulated without artificial preservatives, additives, excipients, fillers or binders.

Directions for use


Step 1: Order Your Gut Health Test

Order your gut test kit

Receive your easy to use sample collection kit via our tracked next day delivery service.


Step 2: Order Your Kit

Provide sample

Your gut test includes easy-to-follow instructions and all the tools you will need to provide a sample. There is even a link to a helpful instruction video. The first step is to collect a micro-stool sample from the comfort of your own home and send it back using the free pre-paid mailer provided in your collection kit. Your Floré gut supplement will ship 5 weeks after we receive your sample.


Step 3: Analyze Your Gut Sample

Sample analysis

Our scientists will extract the DNA from your gut sample and sequence your gut microflora using our patented technology. After sequencing, we will send you your gut test results, you can view your result on our online portal or via our Apple/Android app. Here you can see your comprehensive gut report highlighting all the bacteria within your gut (digestive tract). Our Sun Genomics’ scientists use this information to craft your personalised gut formulation.


Step 4: Receive Custom Probiotics

Receive your personalised Floré gut supplement

We manufacture your personalised Floré gut supplement in-house in our GMP certified facilities. We will cold-ship your formula straight to your front door in our eco-friendly and reusable packaging. Your personalised gut supplement is high in CFU/g (Colony Forming Unit per gram), proven to survive the gastric system, and fortified with digestive enzymes and botanical ingredients selected for your gut microflora.

Welcome to your Floré good gut journey.


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We with our partners at Sun Genomics truly believe in the value of re-testing over a period of time for you to really understand the changes and improvements to your microbiome. In doing so this also allows us to reformulate as your microbiome changes, and allows you to improve and be at your gut best.

When the subscription renews about halfway through your first supply of your personalised formulation, a new sampling kit will be shipped out to you. The sooner you return it, the sooner we can show you how your gut has improved and get the new formulation shipped out to you.

Your microbiome is always subject to change: if you take antibiotics, have a severe illness, or even change your diet, your gut microbiome will change. We provide you with a personalised microbiome supplement that will last for three months and you can renew your subscription to re-test and reformulate, accommodating for any changes to your microbiome.

Floré uses the next generation of microbiome analysis allowing us to extract and gain a deeper insight of your gut composition, recording which microbes your body has both lack and ample supply of. Our patented analysis process, allows us to carefully select and craft a personalised microbiome supplement that is designed specifically for your gut needs.

Floré is blended together with the best pre and pro live bacteria, mixed with botanical ingredients from our growing repository of 100+ live bacteria to create you, your truly tailored formula. Your personalised formula is made using only the highest quality bacterial strains, tested and proven to reach your gut and provide an optimum dose of live bacteria for your diet and lifestyle.

Floré is the only one that uses Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) as it consistently provides the most robust and in-depth level of data, including interpretation of individual microbes and uncovering strain level variances between organisms.

We have run rigorous testing in house to understand the viability of the strains in each of our live bacteria under specific temperature conditions and have shown that your personalised formula will not be impacted by temperature change. Most bacteria strains can endure temperatures of up to 44 °C and all are happy and active at a body temperature of 36°C.  

Your personalised microbiome supplement is cold shipped to ensure survivability and the bamboo travel jar included in your purpose protects the live bacteria for up to 30 days at room temperature.

It currently takes between 4-6 weeks from the day we receive your sample to the day we ship your formulation. You will however receive your Microbiome Analysis Report in the online customer portal normally within 7 days from receiving your sample.

The renewal rate is the same low price of £399 with free shipping and returns. You will receive the test kit and another newly formulated batch of 3 months’ supply of your personalised microbiome supplement.

Our customers may also opt to purchase the same microbiome formula without a retest for £299 with free shipping for another 3 month supply. Just email the Nouveau Healthcare team: info@nhinnovations.com with your kit ID and customer name and we will get your personalised microbiome supplement shipped out within 4 weeks.

Your Floré purchase includes 1 microbiome test as well as three months of your personalised formulation of microbiome supplements.

Not at all. Sun Genomics tested a large number of people and the results showed that there were significant microbiome shifts in only 3 weeks of taking the Floré personalised microbiome supplement.

Floré includes a microbiome collection kit which will be used to collect your stool sample, your online digital gut health analysis report and three months’ worth of your personalised microbiome supplement. All the shipping and delivery is included in the price.

If you subscribe to Floré there is an automatic renewal option, wherein after your first 90 day supply of your personalised microbiome supplements has ended we will send you out a new microbiome collection kit so you can provide us with a new stool sample. Once retested, we will update your online portal with your new report and provide you with a new set of your personalised microbiome supplement allowing you to track your gut health journey and adapt your supplement to your gut needs.

You may have seen the words “microbiome” and “microflora” when we mention Floré, but you may be wondering what do those words actually mean? The microbiome is the DNA of all the microflora in your gut. The microflora (sometimes also referred to as microbiota) is all the actual cells of bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. that live in your gut. Imagine your gut is a garden filled with all of these beneficial vegetables and unfavourable weeds. You want to make sure you’re feeding your good vegetables all the nutrients they need and decreasing the number of weeds in your garden. Custom personalised microbiome supplements provides you with all the soil (natural botanicals like tumeric), seeds (unique live pre and pro bacteria strains), and fertilizer (specialised fibres and oligosaccharides) so your garden can flourish. Floré is designed to support your microbiome and microflora to flourish.

You may order a 3-month refill of your initial personalised formulation for £299 with free shipping. Please contact us directly: info@nhinnovations.com to place the order as they are not available to be purchased off of the website.

Your Floré gut journey includes an easy-to-use at-home microbiome collection kit, an in-depth digital microbiome analysis report and most importantly your lab-crafted personalised microbiome supplement manufactured in our partners Sun Genomics GMP facility in San Diego, California.

Your Floré supplement formula contains: 90 capsules, 90 day supply of your tailored formula.

Floré Baby delivers the personalised formulation of our microbiome supplement in an easy to mix lyophilised powder, thereby allowing the formulation to be combined with your baby’s formula or drink. Their personalised formula is formulated using only the highest quality bacterial strains, tested and proven to reach their gut and provide an optimum dose to improve their gut bacteria.

Their personalised Floré microbiome formula also has a lower concentration to provide good tolerability and makes it easy to digest for your baby.

Floré Kids delivers the personalised formulation of our microbiome supplement in an easy to mix lyophilised powder, thereby allowing the formulation to be combined with your kids favourite drink. Their personalised formulation uses only the highest quality bacterial strains, tested and proven to reach their gut and provide an optimum dose to improve their gut bacteria.

Their personalised Floré microbiome formula also has a lower concentration to provide good tolerability and makes it easy to digest for your kid.

Floré Tots delivers the personalised formulation of our microbiome supplement in an easy to mix lyophilised powder, thereby allowing the formulation to be combined with your toddlers formula or favourite drink. Their personalised formulation uses only the highest quality bacterial strains, tested and proven to reach their gut and provide an optimum dose to improve their gut bacteria.

Their personalised Floré microbiome formula also has a lower concentration to provide good tolerability and makes it easy to digest for your tot.

The microbiome is the collection of all the microbes and their corresponding set of genes. The microbiologists at Sun Genomics focus on the microbiome located in the gut. A common misconception is that all these microbes are bad for you, but that is not true; microbes play an integral role in aiding the body’s immunological, nutritional, and metabolic functions.

Using whole genome sequencing (WGS), we are able to detect any microbe as well as its relative abundance. This includes bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, archaea, and parasites.

Like your microbiome everyone is different when they start Floré. Some of our clients reported noticing a difference within as little as 3 weeks. With off-the shelf formula people have reported there can be some general stomach discomfort for the first few days of taking your custom formulation. This is why we supply a 7 day “prime” formula that is a low dose way to ease into your personalised microbiome supplement. Some common reports are (but totally ok) may be slightly loose stool, fatigue, and occasional headaches. If you have any of these issues when taking your formula, remember your Floré supplement is custom and your body maybe adjusting to its addition into your diet. If you have any problems don’t worry, just contact us (info@nhinnovations.com) and we can adjust the formula to be just right and comfortable for you. Make sure you provide us with your Kit ID so we can identify you.

It’s important to note that every person is different in both their gut profile as well as their reaction to supplements and live bacteria. Therefore, everyone’s results and reaction time is a variable that we cannot predict. However, with our interactive portal and Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) gut test kit we can track the improvement and change in your gut bacteria and watch your health score improve.

Our Sun Genomics team use cutting edge sequencing technology to analyse your gut microbiome and micro-manufacture each live bacteria supplement to ensure quality, sustainability and most of all a truly personalised supplement to improve your gut health. Good science and personalisation takes some time as every piece is reviewed by the Sun Genomics team of scientists. Currently, customers should expect to receive their personalised formula within 4-6 weeks after their test.

Everything we do is in-house. The sequencing of your sample and the formulation of your personalised microbiome supplement is done from the Sun Genomics head quarters in San Diego, California. The fulfilment of your test kit, personalised microbiome supplement and all support is taken up by your dedicated Nouveau Healthcare team.

Everyone is different in how they plan to manage their microbiome. As your microbiome improves and diversifies your personalised microbiome supplement of Floré changes too, all tracked simply from your portal and with your gut test. After three months we encourage all our customers to retest and see how their microbiome has changed.