Recurring Acid Reflux? Heartburn?

Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets are an effective remedy and a natural alternative for recurring heartburn and acid reflux.

Toxaprevent works directly on the root cause of the problem and relieves the recurring acid reflux symptoms. Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets contain MANC® particles which bind directly to ammonium and histamine in the stomach. Ammonium and histamine can cause and are linked to the burning sensation you feel in the middle of your chest. Removing ammonium and histamine can target the root cause and soothe the symptoms you are feeling with your acid reflux.

Directions for use:

Simply mix the content of 1 PLUS sachet into 300ml water daily and drink before bed. Another sachet may be taken before breakfast to further boost the effects.

1 box contains 30 sachets which is a 30 day supply i.e. 1 x sachet per day

Jennifer Nyhuis
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I followed the 5 day procedure for using Toxaprevent and L.reuteri to eliminate h pylori. I have a very persistent case of h pylori. I felt amazing while on it! My systemic inflammation seemed to disappear! I specifically noticed, during the protocol, that I was able to bound down my stairs in the morning with no achy stiffness. Quite a noticeable difference from my regular morning feel!
Gillian Hearn
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have been using the Toxaprevent plus powder and the cream for hives associated with histamine intolerance. These products have dramatically reduced my hives and I feel generally more energized and less prone to food reactions. Thank you for this product I give these products 5 stars!
Amy Brooks
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Gem of a product – I have been suffering reflux a long time. I got told about toxaprevent and tried it, and it worked. Now I take the capsules and sachets every few months or so. I notice when I’m taking this product, inflammation in my fingers / toes due to arthritis completely disappears. My skin becomes very clear and comfortable and my digestion and breathing improve. I will always fall back on these products – along with an impeccable diet, they are the only thing I’ve ever found to truly help the things I’ve tried for years to improve. Amazing. Very happy customer.
Valerie Said
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Dramatic improvement of bowel movements: I originally purchased Toxaprevent because of the research into the way it removes toxins from the body but found that it also has had a huge positive effect on bowel movements. I suffer from Diverticulitis and also have a very large abdominal hernia..Regular bowel movements are essential if i am to avoid inflammation of the diverticula. I used to use large doses of Vitamin C to avoid constipation and/or sluggish bowel movements but found that it often caused diarrhoea. Within 2 days of taking toxaprevent (in the morning) I found that normal bowel movement – and formation – was restored. Quite an amazing result.
Mike Power
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My wife and I were recommended to use toxaprevent at a health holiday resort in Turkey. We have both been taking it each morning for the past nine months and have really felt the benefits in terms of improved digestion. I have suffered from IBS in the past and it has virtually gone now. Great Recommendation.
Jane Brooks
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really think this worked! I have just finished the 5 day protocol to eliminate Helicobacter Pylori from my system. Today is my first day off the protocol. Results: my digestion, which I thought had already improved 100% after a course of Toxaprevent PURE capsules is now outstanding; my skin is clearer; my skin is comfortable / doesn’t get itchy; my teeth and gums look amazing; my eyes are clearer and I feel really calm and relaxed. I like this product. It works for me really well and after months of searching for something that would work and a lot of money on naturopaths, etc, I am so pleased to have found a solution.
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Really good for acid reflux and agency levels big thumbs up from me definitely worth the money.
John Sly
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Very good there give you lots off energy teeth look cleaner there really pick you up will order more off these
Catherine Leyreloup
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My doctor who has written a number of award winning books by the way, actually said to buy this, for my gut problems and skin problems. It works and it works darn well! Apparently many scientific tests have been done and well…..yeah… makes my gut feel amazing, my hair is growing better and my skin is looking glowing! I love this product and think it is a phenomenon achievement …..a marvel.
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Excellent product – I felt like my histamine levels were getting out of control again so started taking Toxaprevent (capsules and the sachets) again to get things under control. This product is so gentle and effective and I notice improvements in so many things (puffiness, bloating, anxiety, joint pain) immediately. I cannot recommend this product enough – it really does what it says on the tin! Excellent and works every single time.

How do Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets stop recurring heartburn and acid reflux naturally

The sachets contain MANC® (modified and activated clinoptilolite) mixed with magnesium and calcium carbonate. The MANC® particles in the sachets bind and remove ammonium and histamine from your stomach. Removing ammonium and histamine optimises the level of acid in your stomach by freeing up your body’s natural bicarbonate

When your body has to much ammonium, your liver will take the bicarbonate from your stomach to help detoxify the ammonium instead of being used to counteract the acid in your stomach.

By taking the Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets, the MANC® particles will bind and remove the ammonium freeing up the bicarbonate in your stomach to rebalance your acid. Taking the Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets ensures that there isn’t too much acid, nor too little acid, both of which can cause your recurring acid reflux and heartburn.

Once the MANC® particles have bound to the ammonium and histamine, it will travel through the digestive tract where the toxins alongside the MANC® particles will be passed out alongside your body’s natural bowel movement.

Firstly, ammonium is alkaline so it will neutralise any of your stomach acid that it comes into contact with. This leads to low levels of acid in your stomach and can cause reflux as food is not digested properly. As a result, your food is pushed back up towards your throat allowing a small amount of gastric acid to make its way back up the oesophagus and cause that burning sensation in your chest and the unpleasant taste in the back of your throat.

In addition, histamine also plays a role in activating gastric acid. Excess histamine in the digestive tract can lead to an over-production of acid, therefore causing a recurrence of heartburn. Those with a histamine intolerance are more likely to be affected by this.

Ammonium is present in some foods, particularly fermented foods such as cheese and wine.  It is also a by-product of protein breakdown. This is why high protein diets are an issue for people with kidney disorders as they are unable to effectively eliminate ammonium. Ammonium is transported from the intestines to the liver and is detoxified by the liver using bicarbonate taken from the stomach.

Ammonium is also produced by certain types of bacteria in the gut, meaning some bacterial infections can cause unusually high levels. Bacteria such as Helicobacter Pylori excrete the urease enzyme which raises the stomach pH ‘liquifying’ the stomach acid allowing the rotating flagella of the bacteria to make its way towards the stomach lining.

Although ammonium is essential to life, too much can cause problems in the liver. Too much ammonium in the blood is dangerous and when this happens, it can become neurotoxic (toxic to the nervous system).

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