Gastric microbiota and probiotics opportunities using L.reuteri DSM17648 for helicobacter pylori eradication in children

Results: H. pylori decreased microbial diversity associated with inflammation and focal mucosal atrophy. H. pylori eradication was achieved on Lr monotherapy in 50% after 28 and 60% after 56days, on adjuvant Lr therapy – 60% after 28 and 77.8% after 56days, in placebo group – 68.8% after 28 and 56days. Clinical manifestation, inflammatory and atrophic changes during Lr treatment significantly and reliably decreased.

Conclusion: Lr monotherapy is comparable in effectiveness to a standard eradication therapy.

Keywords: H. pylori, non-Helicobacter gastric microbiota, probiotics, L. reuteri

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