FROXIMUN AG is the manufacturer of the Toxaprevent range of medical devices based on clinoptilolite zeolite. Toxaprevent targets the digestive tract and skin using the patented active ingredient MANC® particles. A certified quality management system covering design and development, manufacture and sales in accordance with EN ISO 13485: 2016 guarantees you the highest quality and product safety.  

From the selection of the raw zeolites, micronisation and further modification of the natural substance, through to refinement into a medical device, the entire manufacturing process of MANC® particles takes place with Froximun’s own know-how in their production facilities in Germany to create premium natural products.

What are MANC® particles?

Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite (or MANC® particles), are derived from correctly processing clinoptilolite zeolite to ensure they are effective enough to eliminate heavy metals, histamine and ammonium from the body safely. In order for clinoptilolite zeolite to be safe for human consumption it must be cleansed of any and all toxins it has already absorbed (from the ground it was taken from) and it must stay only in the digestive tract. MANC® particles are produced once the clinoptilolite zeolite has been cleansed and the size of the particles are between 6 – 10 microns, making MANC® particles the safest form of zeolite to achieve the elimination of heavy metals, histamine and ammonium.

Froximun AG are the only company in the world which produces MANC® particles, the gold standard of zeolite.

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Froximun AG manufacture therapeutic formulations based on MANC® particles under the brand
name Toxaprevent. Select a product to find out how you can target different areas of your digestive
tract and skin.

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