Toxaprevent FAQs

Toxaprevent FAQs for all customers.

Can children use Toxaprevent?

Due to a lack of empirical evidence on the use of Toxaprevent in children under the age of 12 years old, Toxaprevent must only be used on those over 12 years old.

How long should I use Toxaprevent for?

The body is constantly detoxifying itself through the liver, kidneys and skin. The metabolic organs are often constantly overburdened with toxins, working at full capacity, and still don’t have the capacity to eliminate toxins effectively on a daily basis. Toxaprevent should be used on a continuous basis to help with the daily cleansing and elimination of these harmful substances from the body. This will help to prevent a build-up of these toxins in the body, reducing their ability to contribute towards adverse health conditions such as inflammation and autoimmune conditions, among many others.

In addition, the minimum duration of use for Toxaprevent may depend on the condition being targeted. You can refer to our conditions to learn more

Will Toxaprevent make me constipated?

MANC® particles use water to help them travel gently through the digestive tract. Therefore, plenty of water should be consumed with each dose of Toxaprevent (300ml for each Medi PLUS Sachet and 200ml for 1-2 Medi PURE & ACUTE Capsules) and throughout the day e.g. 2 litres per day altogether. If you find yourself to be constipated even after drinking plenty of water, then there may be another underlying health issue.

How will I know that Toxaprevent is working?

There are many ways to know whether or not Toxaprevent is working because it has a wide range of applications due to the way it works and the benefits can vary from one person to another. Toxaprevent can benefit you in a variety of ways such as binding to toxins to help strengthen the intestinal barrier especially during intestinal permeability which are linked to many health conditions.

Toxaprevent also relieves the liver and kidneys by reducing the daily toxic burden they must deal with. Removing the toxins before they are transported by the portal vein into the liver and kidneys to be processed gives the metabolic organs an enormous capacity to remove the stored toxins safely. As a result, the body is more responsive to medical treatments and natural remedies and overall has more energy. 

Toxaprevent is scientifically backed, so even if any of these effects aren’t felt, rest assured that Toxaprevent is still absorbing poisonous toxins which are continuously created by the body, e.g. ammonium.

Why should I use Toxaprevent?

Even with a perfectly tailored diet that delivers the right nutrients at the optimal doses, the human body is continuously overburdened with environmental toxins as well as those created inside the body. In particular, heavy metals, ammonium and excess histamine can lead to many health conditions if left unchecked. These substances can be extremely difficult to eliminate from the body and will exacerbate existing health conditions, making it difficult to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Toxaprevent is an ideal solution to eliminate heavy metals, ammonium and histamine from the body using MANC® particles. MANC® particles are the safest and most effective way to naturally chelate and detoxify the body. MANC® particles represent the gold standard in the chelation of heavy metals and the elimination of histamine and ammonium from the body as it safely binds these in the digestive tract. MANC® particles are too large to be absorbed by the body through the gut barrier, meaning any harmful substances the bind will be removed from the body alongside MANC® particles via natural bowel movements.

MANC® particles enable you, as a practitioner, to provide your clients with a solid foundation upon which to build your chosen therapies and protocols. By stripping away harmful substances, fixing a leaky gut and relieving the liver of its toxic burden, any supplementation and diet regime you recommend to your clients will have a significantly higher chance of success.

Due to the way MANC® particles works and the various preparations in which they are available, Toxaprevent has many areas of applications such as leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, liver and kidney relief, and much more. For protocols on how Toxaprevent works on various conditions, please see our dedication pages on specific conditions.

Which Toxaprevent product is right for me?

Each of the products in the Toxaprevent range have been carefully designed to target specific areas of the digestive tract and specific skin conditions. All Toxaprevent products use MANC® particles as the main active ingredient to bind and eliminate histamine, ammonium and heavy metals from different parts of the body. Below is a quick overview of where each of the Toxaprevent products work in the body.

For a full breakdown of which Toxaprevent product is best for you, please read below, or you can view a specific condition page which recommends a protocol to combat that condition If in doubt please get in touch and we can schedule a health call.

Toxaprevent Dentura Med Toothpaste

Toxaprevent Dentura Med can be used like as a regular toothpaste in the morning and at night. The toothpaste contains MANC® particles alongside a combination of natural ingredients with no fluoride.

Toxaprevent HALISTOP Chewable Tablets

HALISTOP Chewable Tablets are targeted towards the mouth and throat. The tablets can be chewed thoroughly before swallowing or can be left in the mouth like a lozenge. This concentrates MANC® particles in the mouth and throat, where they can help with inflammation and wound healing in the gums, and bind to ammonium and sulphur compounds which contribute to bad breath (halitosis). 

Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets

The Medi PLUS Sachets must be added to water and drank. This will allow MANC® particles contained in the sachets to primarily target the upper digestive tract (mouth, oesophagus and stomach). The PLUS Sachets will still work in the lower digestive tract (small intestine and colon), however their ability to uptake harmful substances in the lower digestive tract will be slightly reduced because MANC® particles will have already taken up harmful substances from the upper digestive tract.

Toxaprevent Medi PURE Capsules

The Medi PURE Capsules are gastro-resistant which means they will not break down in the stomach’s acidic environment. This allows them to by-pass the stomach and reach the small intestinal tract. Thanks to the gastro-resistant capsules, MANC® particles will be released directly into the lower digestive tract so they can target the small intestine and colon.

Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules

The Medi ACUTE Capsules are gastro-resistant which means they will not break down in the stomach’s acidic environment. This allows them to by-pass the stomach and reach the small intestinal tract. Thanks to the gastro-resistant capsules, MANC® particles and colostrum will be released directly into the lower digestive tract so they can target the small intestine and colon.

Toxaprevent SKIN Powder

The SKIN Powder is applied directly onto the surface of skin and in open wounds. This is particularly useful for binding histamine immediately after bug bites or stings, and to accelerate healing in wounds such as skin ulcers. MANC® particles bind histamine and heavy metals which slow down primary haemostasis in wounds, and also triggers the blood clotting cascade via the release of calcium into the wound.

Toxaprevent SKIN Salve

The SKIN Salve is applied directly onto the surface of skin where it binds histamine. This reduces inflammation on the surface of the skin. 

Toxaprevent SKIN Suspension

The SKIN Suspension uses colloidal water to penetrate the skin, allowing MANC® particles to bind histamine underneath the surface of the skin. This is useful in cases of more severe dermatitis.

What is the difference between the Medi PLUS Sachets, Medi PURE Capsules and Medi ACUTE Capsules?

The Medi PLUS Sachets release MANC® particles in the upper digestive tract, whereas Medi PURE Capsules and Medi ACUTE Capsules both release MANC® particles in the lower digestive tract. 

Therefore, you can choose which area of the digestive tract you want to remove harmful substances from by choosing the appropriate product.

Does Toxaprevent bind to mycotoxins/mold?

MANC® particles have been shown to bind to mycotoxins released from mold and fungus. This is due to their silica content. 

Mold and fungal infections use mycotoxins in order to spread and thrive. Not only do MANC® particles bind to mycotoxins in order to reduce their ability to spread, but they also restore the integrity of the gut barrier (i.e. leaky gut) by binding to histamine and reducing inflammation in the intestinal lining. This allows the epithelial tight junctions to repair themselves. The combined effect is that MANC® particles reduce the ability of mold and fungal infections to spread, while changing the environment in the intestinal tract to make it unfavourable for mold and fungal infections to thrive. This makes it easier to tackle mold and fungal infections.

How long should I take Toxaprevent for a heavy metals cleanse?

Use Toxaprevent for a minimum of 3 – 6 months for a heavy metal cleanse. Given that we are continuously exposed to heavy metals and pollutants on a daily basis, Toxaprevent can be used for longer than 3 – 6 months on a continuous basis, to help the body eliminate these toxic substances.

Results may vary from person to person, and therefore testing alongside using Toxaprevent to monitor heavy metals in the body is always recommended.

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