Will Toxaprevent bind to my micronutrients and essential minerals?

No. Toxaprevent will not bind to micronutrients and essential minerals due to the following reasons:

  • MANC® particles have a maximum size of 10 microns which is too small to bind to many nutrients which are larger in size
  • MANC® particles exhibit a negative charge which attract positively charged ions through a process known as ion exchange. This gives them an affinity to bind to toxins which have a high positive charge
  • MANC® particles are preloaded with minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium) which are deposited into the body in return for more toxic, highly charged substances such as heavy metals.

MANC® particles therefore selectively bind with toxic substances and leave micronutrients and essential minerals untouched in the body.

Reports and studies generated by the manufacturer of Toxaprevent, Froximun AG, showed that long term use of Toxaprevent did not deplete levels of micronutrients and essential minerals in patients. Toxaprevent can therefore be taken alongside food, and other supplements and minerals.