What is histamine intolerance?

Histamine intolerance occurs when the body can’t eliminate histamine properly and is left with excess histamine. This happens when there when the body can’t produce sufficient amounts of diamine oxidase (DAO) or histamine n-methyltransferase (HNMT). Excess histamine circulates in the body causes inflammation wherever there are histamine receptors e.g. lungs, skin, brain, heart, etc. Histamine rich diets can ‘use up’ DAO and HNMT, and can contribute towards histamine intolerance. Some histamine rich foods include:

  • Champagne, wine, beer, cider
  • Coffee, cocoa, chocolate
  • Fermented soya products including miso and tempeh
  • Blue cheeses, parmesan cheese, camembert, emmental, old gouda, cheddar and other hard cheeses, fresh and hard sheep and goat cheeses
  • Cured meat, especially pork products e.g. sausages and other processed meats (ham, salami, pepperoni, bacon)
  • Fresh or canned tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon, herring, processed fish products e.g. fish pastes, smoked or dried pickled fish
  • Tomatoes, pickled cabbage (sauerkraut), broad beans, aubergine, spinach
  • Peanuts, tree nuts
  • Oranges, tangerines, bananas, pineapple, grapes, strawberries.

Too many histamine-rich foods can cause allergy-like symptoms such as headaches, rashes, itching, diarrhoea or abdominal pain, and can cause inflammation in the lining of the intestinal tract.

Reducing the histamine load with Toxaprevent is especially important as the hormone has been linked with inflammation within the intestinal tract, causing permeability and various food intolerances. Reducing histamine will naturally alleviate these allergic reactions and support the body’s natural diamine oxidase enzyme (DAO) and histamine n-methyltransferase enzyme (HNMT).

What is histamine?

Histamine is a hormone and a neurotransmitter that occurs naturally in the body and in food. Histamine fulfils many important functions within the body and is the main inflammatory substance released during an immune response. Histamine causes the symptoms in allergic reactions such as itching, sneezing, wheezing, a runny nose and watery/itchy eyes as well as inflammation on the skin. The body eliminates histamine from food in the digestive tract using an enzyme called diamine oxidase (DAO), and in other parts of the body histamine is degraded using an enzyme called histamine n-methyltransferase (HNMT). When the body can properly eliminate histamine using these two enzymes, histamine does not adversely affect. However, when the body can’t eliminate
histamine properly, excess histamine can begin to cause symptoms such as those mentioned above, leading to histamine intolerance.

What exactly are MANC® particles (the active ingredient in all Toxaprevent products)?

MANC® particles are derived from correctly processing clinoptilolite zeolite to ensure they are safe enough eliminate heavy metals, histamine and ammonium from the body safely. In order for clinoptilolite zeolite to be safe for human consumption it must cleansed of any and all toxins it has already absorbed (from the ground it was taken from) and it must stay only in the digestive tract. MANC® particles are produced once the clinoptilolite zeolite has been cleansed and the size of the particles are between 6 – 10 microns – this is how MANC® particles are produced.

Froximun AG are the only company in the world which produces MANC® particles, the gold standard of zeolite.

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