What to Expect When You Take Floré? Why have I received 7 ‘Prime’ capsules?

Like your microbiome everyone is different when they start Floré. Some of our clients reported noticing a difference within as little as 3 weeks. With off-the shelf formula people have reported there can be some general stomach discomfort for the first few days of taking your custom formulation. This is why we supply a 7 day “prime” formula that is a low dose way to ease into your personalised microbiome supplement. Some common reports are (but totally ok) may be slightly loose stool, fatigue, and occasional headaches. If you have any of these issues when taking your formula, remember your Floré supplement is custom and your body maybe adjusting to its addition into your diet. If you have any problems don’t worry, just contact us (info@nhinnovations.com) and we can adjust the formula to be just right and comfortable for you. Make sure you provide us with your Kit ID so we can identify you.