How should I use Toxaprevent for intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut syndrome)?

  1. Take 3 ACUTE Capsules first thing in the morning 2 hours before breakfast with 300ml water.
  2. Take 3 more ACUTE capsules at night 2 hours after food with 300ml water.
  3. Another sachet may be taken in the afternoon 30 minutes before food to further reduce the toxic burden. 

Continue this protocol for 3 – 6 months. If colostrum (contained in ACUTE Capsules) is not ideal, use PURE Capsules instead. 
Please note, the colostrum in the ACUTE Capsules has been decaseinated but contains a small amount of lactose.

How does Toxaprevent heal intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut syndrome)?

The leaky gut protocol ensures that MANC® particles reach the small intestine uncovered by proteins from food and without binding to any substances in the food. This means that MANC® particles are as ‘empty’ as possible and can exert their maximum effect to bind to histamine in the wall of the small intestine. This reduces inflammation in the gut lining and allows the epithelial tight junctions to repair themselves, strengthening the integrity of gut barrier and allowing it to function as it should.

MANC® particles have been clinically proven to bring markers of intestinal permeability back into the normal physiological range, indicating a reduction in the ‘leakiness’ of the gut. The randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial was done on 52 endurance trained men and women over 12 weeks. 

The addition of colostrum in the ACUTE Capsules help rebalance the immune system which can become overactive. An overactive immune system can result from a leaky gut that allows substances that shouldn’t be entering the body to pass through the intestinal barrier. This results in auto-immune conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as the immune system starts attacking the body’s own tissues. 

The ACUTE Capsules present a two-pronged attack against leaky gut syndrome; i) fix the leaky gut with MANC® particles and ii) rebalance the immune system with colostrum.

Why is it important to have low levels of ammonium?

Ammonium is a toxic substance when it exists in excess amounts in the body. Low levels of ammonium are healthy as this contributes to balancing the body’s natural pH level, however high levels of ammonium can become toxic to the body.

High levels of ammonium production can contribute to poor health as the liver and kidneys will need to work harder to clear excess ammonium from the body. In cases where the liver is already overburdened and functioning poorly, the liver may be unable to effectively detoxify ammonium, causing an excess amount of ammonium. Excess ammonium can become toxic to the brain and nervous system, and can contribute to a feeling of lethargy, being unwell and brain fog, as well as further diminishing the functionality of the liver and kidneys. High levels of ammonium in the body can also be a contributing factor to dementia and other mental illnesses.

Many of the illnesses caused by high ammonium levels in the body are chronic and untreatable, so the safest course of action is to protect your liver and kidneys to avoid damage to them. 

In addition, the liver will take the important substance bicarbonate, which is produced to counteract stomach acid, from the stomach through the portal vein and uses it to detoxify ammonium in the liver. High ammonium levels mean more bicarbonate is taken which leaves less bicarbonate to counteract stomach acid in the stomach. This can result in high levels of stomach acid and acid reflux symptoms.

Regular use with Toxaprevent will bind and remove excess ammonium from the digestive tract, meaning the liver and kidneys will not have to bear the burden of any ammonium carried out of the system with MANC® particles.

Is ammonium produced in other ways?

Ammonium can be produced in the digestive tract through several mechanisms. One of the most common ways is through bacteria which produce the urease enzyme. The urease enzyme has the ability to break down urea, a substance which is present in throughout the digestive tract, and splits urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia (ammonia is the non-ionic form of ammonium). In order for ammonia to be converted into ammonium, it needs an extra hydrogen atom which it can gain from acid e.g. stomach acid. 

H. pylori, for example, affects an estimated 50% of the population and is a bacterial infestation of the stomach which creates the urease enzyme to convert urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia. The ammonia is then used as a ‘shield’ to protect itself from being killed by stomach acid as it neutralise stomach acid. When this happens, the stomach acid donates a hydrogen atom to ammonia and turns ammonia into ammonium, a positively charged ion which MANC® particles can bind to.

Lower down in the intestinal tract, bacteria such as also produce the urease enzyme, releasing ammonia from urea in the colon. Simultaneously, certain anaerobic bacteria such as bacteroides, bifidobacterium, aspergillus, ruminococcus, peptostreptococcus, fusobacterium, lactobacillus, streptococcus play a role in fermenting dietary fibres to create short chain fatty acids such as acetate, propionate, and butyrate, which contain the hydrogen atom. This provides the necessary conditions for protonation to occur whereby ammonia takes up a hydrogen atom from the short chain fatty acids and converts into ammonium. This process is known as protonation.

Why does Froximun AG have a responsible person?

Froximun AG, the manufacturers of Toxaprevent, are obliged to have a dedicated responsible person as part of their quality control system who, in the unlikely case that an individual has an adverse reaction to MANC® particles, can be contacted to record the adverse event and seek further advice from their expert medical service. This is put in place as a measure for the safety and protection of those taking Toxaprevent.  

Food supplements containing clinoptilolite zeolite do not have a responsible person who can be contacted in the case of adverse reactions. See ‘Are other zeolites as safe and as effective as MANC® particles? for more information on what makes a zeolite product safe for human consumption.

Will Toxaprevent bind to my micronutrients and essential minerals?

No. Toxaprevent will not bind to micronutrients and essential minerals due to the following reasons:

  • MANC® particles have a maximum size of 10 microns which is too small to bind to many nutrients which are larger in size
  • MANC® particles exhibit a negative charge which attract positively charged ions through a process known as ion exchange. This gives them an affinity to bind to toxins which have a high positive charge
  • MANC® particles are preloaded with minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium) which are deposited into the body in return for more toxic, highly charged substances such as heavy metals.

MANC® particles therefore selectively bind with toxic substances and leave micronutrients and essential minerals untouched in the body.

Reports and studies generated by the manufacturer of Toxaprevent, Froximun AG, showed that long term use of Toxaprevent did not deplete levels of micronutrients and essential minerals in patients. Toxaprevent can therefore be taken alongside food, and other supplements and minerals.

Does Toxaprevent interfere with supplements?

No. Toxaprevent does not interfere with other supplements as MANC® particles have no affinity towards food supplements. If you are worried about this however, you can leave a two hour gap between taking your supplements and Toxaprevent. 

Will Toxaprevent interact with other medication?

Please leave two hours between taking medications and the Toxaprevent Digestive range (PLUS/PURE/ACUTE/HALISTOP). Due to the high absorption capacity of MANC® particles, it is possible that Toxaprevent may bind to medications and take them out of the body too. Therefore, a two hour gap is needed between taking medications and Toxaprevent to ensure that the absorption of medications into the body is not disturbed.

After applying medicated creams, salves, etc., wait at least 60 minutes before applying products in the Toxaprevent SKIN range (Suspension/Salve/Powder). 

In cases of doubt, consult your doctor or health practitioner about using Toxaprevent together with other medications.

Will Toxaprevent have any side-effects?

Toxaprevent has no direct side effects because it is not absorbed by the body and does not interfere with the body’s physiological processes. 

MANC® particles contained in Toxaprevent work autonomously simply bind harmful toxins in the digestive tract, move through the digestive tract and are then passed out via natural bowel movements. (Please see absorption study for further information).

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