Why is it important to keep MANC® particles between 6-10 microns?

In vivo studies on MANC® have shown that particles over 6 microns (one micron is one thousandth of a millimetre) are not absorbed by the body and therefore cannot further burden the liver and kidneys. This is important as zeolite particles below 6 microns size may enter the body, which could cause severe detox reactions as well as placing a further burden on the liver and kidneys. Given that these metabolic organs are usually already over-burdened, if small zeolite particles under 6 microns were to enter the system and bind to stored toxins (stored in fat, muscle or bone, etc.), these zeolite particles would eventually need to be removed from the body via the liver and kidney, at which point those toxins could potentially be deposited into the liver and kidney. Therefore, the liver and kidneys will need to eliminate not only the small zeolite particles, but also the toxins it will carry.

MANC® particles are also limited to a maximum particle size of 10 microns. This ensures essential minerals and micronutrients are not bound by MANC® particles. Zeolite particles above 10 microns can bind to essential minerals and micronutrients and can deplete them from the body. 

This is why optimising MANC® particles between 6-10 microns is vital. The result is that MANC® particles selectively bind to only toxic substances in the body, and actually reduces the toxic burden on the liver and kidneys, making MANC® the safest zeolite to use.